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Retirement Visa Package

Retirement Visa Indonesia (Residence Visa)

retirement visa indonesia
This retirement visa type offers an initial stay period of one (1) year and may be extended five (5) times every year thereafter (for a period of 12 months each time) not exceeding a total maximum duration of six (6) years.

The Retirement Visa Indonesia requirements are as follows:

  • The minimum age of applicant must be at least 55 years.
  • Passport must still be valid for a minimum of 18 months.
  • Passport must have a minimum of 4 blank (empty) pages.
  • Photo size requirements: 3 cm x 4 cm = 4 pieces and 4 cm x 6 cm = 4 pieces. All photos must have a red-colored background.
  • Residential (domicile) address: Copy of house contract in Indonesia, Copy of house owner’s KTP, Copy of pembantu / house-maid’s KTP, letter from pembantu (house-maid) stating that they are under your employment.
  • Pension income proof from country of origin or Indonesia
  • Health insurance certificate from country of origin or Indonesia


If the your retirement visa Indonesia requirements are not complete, LM Visa Consulting can help to assist in obtaining the required / missing documents. Please contact us directly and we will advise you accordingly.

Some countries having access to the Indonesia retirement visa facility are as follows:

Netherland, Germany, USA, Japan, Australia, France, United Kingdom ,Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Spain,  Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina, South Africa, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Estonia, Liechtenstein, India, Ireland, Iran, Iceland, South Korea, Kuwait, Maldives, Malta, Egypt, Monaco, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia.

Our quotation to you will include:

  • Letters and document submissions to/from the immigration department: includes 1-year Indonesia Residence Visa, KITAS Card & Multiple Entry Permit (MERP).
  • Letters / documents from the National Police Department such as STMD.
  • Letters / documents from the Ministry of Demography and civil registry such as: SKPPS (for some areas).
  • Letter of Guarantee from your sponsor in Indonesia submitted to the immigration department.
  • Any advice / help required during that 1 year period.

The price we quote you will not include:

  • Administration fee charged during visa collection in the Indonesian embassy overseas.
  • Cost of immigration clearance services on arrival (if required).

Processing Duration:

  • Approval Letter (Telex): 10-14 working days (approximate)
  • KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit): Estimated wait period (max 30 days)


After we receive the complete set of documents, we will then begin to file the retirement visa Indonesia application to the immigration authorities in Jakarta. It will take about seven (7) working days to obtain the visa approval letter (Telex) from the head office in Jakarta. After visa approval has been granted, the Telex will be delivered immediately by the immigration authority in Jakarta to the Indonesian Embassy overseas in accordance with your preference. We will also email the visa approval letter (Telex copy) to you which you will use in your form submission when collecting the visa in the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) overseas.

After collecting the retirement visa Indonesia, you must enter the country within three (3) months, otherwise the visa will be rendered obsolete. When you have entered Indonesia, your passport must be surrendered to the local immigration office within thirty (30) days after arrival to process the KITAS card. If there is a delay in submission (in excess of 30 days), then an overstay penalty will be awarded by the immigration authorities in the amount of IDR 300.000,- per-day. During the processing of your KITAS Card, you will be required to come down to the local immigration office for finger-printing, photo-taking and signing of the KITAS card. After the KITAS has been signed, you will receive physical KITAS copy five (5) working days later.

Requirements for visa collection in the Indonesian embassy overseas:

  • Your passport must be valid for more than eighteen (18) months
  • There must be two (2) blank / empty pages in your passport.
  • Latest photo with the dimensions: 3 cm x 4 cm or 4 cm x 6 cm in size with a white or red colored background. The photo must be an original one; not the result of a scan (taken on a machine).
  • A copy of the visa approval letter (Telex copy) from the immigration head office in Jakarta.
  • The official administration fee for visa collection (paid in cash) at the embassy overseas. Approximately US$ 55 for a two (2) months visiting visa or US$ 110 for multiple entry visa or 1 year staying visa/KITAS.

Important Note:

Cultural sensitivities to take note during your appointment at the local immigration office (i.e. KITAS signing / photo-taking sessions):

  • For males, you are not allowed to wear sandals, shorts or singlets.
  • For females, you are not allowed to wear sandals, mini-skirts / scantily-clad dresses.