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Social-Cultural Visa (Social Budaya)

Social Visa Indonesia (Social-Cultural or “SosBud” for short)

social visa indonesia
This visa type has an initial validity of two (2) months upon first entry to the country and can be extended 4 (four) times consecutively; for a period of thirty (30) days each time at the local immigration office. The maximum duration the individual is allowed to remain in Indonesia on this visa type is six (6) months.

Social Visa Indonesia Requirements (For visa collection at the Singapore embassy):

  • Photocopy of passport (name page); a minimum of 4 blank pages and must still be valid for a minimum of 18 months.
  • 3 photos (4″ x 6″) with white background.
  • Other documents – includes sponsor letter, copy of sponsor ID Card (Indonesian KTP), etc.


Social Visa Indonesia Requirements (For visa collection at all other country embassies except Singapore):

  • Photocopy of passport, a minimum of 4 blank pages and must still be valid for a minimum of 18 months.
  • 3 photos with a white background (size 4″ x 6″).
  • Main documents include sponsorship letter / ID Card (Indonesian KTP)
  • Other documents as required by the specific country embassy*

Processing duration for Indonesia visa collection in Singapore:

The normal standard is 3 working days for processing at the Indonesian embassy in Singapore. For a faster turnaround, we can help you process the visa in 1 working day. This is provided the paperwork is submitted no later than 10 am at the Indonesian embassy. Collection will be around 4 pm the same day. Please let us know prior to departure to Singapore if you would like to take advantage of the express application and collection service.

Our estimated timeline for Indonesia visa collection at other country embassies except for Singapore:

5 working days for the processing of the Approval Letter (Telex) in Jakarta (The Telex will be sent to your e-mail address if you are not in Indonesia). Furthermore, the processing time will vary across the different country embassies. Therefore, please double-check with the respective embassy you wish to collect the visa from. Do contact us if you are unsure of anything.

Payment terms:

Prior to start of processing, we require payment confirmation in advance. We include a money-back guarantee on all our services.


This visa type is recommended for those visiting Indonesia for social-cultural purposes such as visiting relatives/friends, conducting research work, taking part in student exchange programs, participating in art & sporting activities, etc. Paid work is not allowed with this type of visa. This visa class can be sponsored by an individual (local Indonesian citizen), a non-profit institution/organization in Indonesia or commercial-based companies with operations in Indonesia.


After the full set of documents have been received by us, we will begin to file the visa application to the head immigration department in Jakarta. It takes about five (5) working days to obtain the visa approval letter / telex visa from the immigration office in Jakarta. After the immigration office has granted the social visa Indonesia, the original visa approval letter (telex) will be forwarded by the immigration head office in Jakarta to the respective overseas Indonesian Embassy of your choice. We will also email the aforementioned visa approval letter (telex copy) to you. When submitting the application at the Indonesian Embassy overseas, please remember to attach the visa approval letter (telex copy). After obtaining the social visa Indonesia, you must enter country within two (2) months, otherwise the visa would no longer be valid and you would have to re-apply.