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Residence Visa for those Married to Indonesian Citizens (WNI)

Spouse Visa Indonesia – By Marriage to an Indonesian

spouse visa indonesia
This visa type is for foreigners who are married to Indonesian Citizens (WNI) and have official marriage certificates endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. They may apply for a spouse visa Indonesia valid for one (1) year with the KITAS (limited stay permit card) being sponsored by the Indonesian spouse. Besides obtaining the one (1) year residence visa, they shall also be eligible for the MERP (multiple re-entry permit) from the local immigration office in the area where they live.

The Spouse Visa Indonesia requirements are as follows:

  • The original Marriage Certificate, acknowledged by the Indonesian government.
  • Indonesian ID Card/KTP of the Indonesian citizen (the spouse).
  • Family Registry/Kartu Keluarga of the Indonesian National (the spouse).
  • Personal savings Bank book belonging to the Indonesian National (the spouse).
  • Telephone/Mobile No of the Indonesian National (the spouse).

The processing duration:

Duration of visa processing is approximately 7 working days.

Our standard pricing will include:

  • Preparation of the required documents.
  • Limited stay permit from the immigration: 1 year Visa, KITAS.
  • Official letters from the Police Department: STMD.
  • Official letters from the Ministry of Demography and civil registry such as the: SKPPS.
  • Delivery of the visa approval letter (Telex) to the Indonesian embassy overseas.

The price we quote you will not include:

  • Cost for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas;
  • Cost for immigration clearance services on arrival (if necessary).

Our standard pricing is not valid for the following 12 countries:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Guinea, North Korea, Liberia, Cameroon, Niger, Pakistan, Nigeria, Palestine and Somalia.

For the above 12 countries, the process to obtain the visa would be longer and the cost would be more expensive. This is because the process to obtain the visa must go through a rather long and complicated process.


After we have received the complete set of documents, we shall then begin to file the spouse visa Indonesia application to the head office in Jakarta. It will take approximately seven (7) working days to obtain the visa approval letter (Telex) from the authorities in Jakarta. After the spouse visa Indonesia has been approved, the visa approval letter will be sent immediately by the head office in Jakarta to the Indonesian Embassy overseas in accordance with your preference. We will also email the Telex copy to you which you will use when submitting your application (for collection) at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) overseas.

After receiving the visa, you must enter Indonesia in three (3) months, otherwise the visa would be rendered obsolete. After you have entered Indonesia, your passport must be surrendered to the local immigration office within thirty (30) days after arrival to process the KITAS card. If there is a delay in submission in excess of thirty (30) days, then an overstay penalty will be administered by the local immigration office in the amount of IDR 300.000,- per-day. To make the KITAS Card, you will be required to report to the local immigration office for finger-printing, photo-taking and signing of the KITAS card. Five (5) working days after the KITAS has been signed, you will receive a physical copy of the KITAS card. To proceed, please contact us directly and we will advise you accordingly.

Important: Things to take note of during your session at the immigration office (KITAS signing / photo-taking):

  • For males, you are not allowed to wear sandals, shorts or singlets.
  • For females, you are not allowed to wear sandals, mini-skirts or scantily-clad dresses.

Terms of payment:

Full payment in advance, money back guarantee.

Question: Can a foreigner, the holder of a KITAS/KITAP married to an Indonesian citizen do business in Indonesia or be gainfully employed?

Answer: In accordance with Indonesian immigration regulation No. 6 / 2011 article 61, a foreigner the Holder of a KITAS in article 52 letter e and for the Holder of a Permanent residence visa / KITAP in article 54 letter b and d legally married to an Indonesian National or the child of a foreigner legally married to an Indonesian national, may conduct business and/or be gainfully employed to meet the needs of his/her livelihood and / or the family.