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List of countries with the retirement visa Indonesie facility

List of countries with the retirement visa Indonesie facility

Criteria for retirement visa Indonesie

visa indonesie

For Foreigners who have reached the age 55 years old and above and their countries are included in the 55 countries with access to the retirement visa facility from the government of Indonesia, they may apply and obtain a 1-year visa Indonesie (including a KITAS card from the immigration office). The retirement visa Indonesie may be extended every year for 6 consecutive years and from afterwards they may obtain permanent staying visa for KITAP applicable for 5 years and may be extended every 5 years and afterwards they may apply for nationality as Indonesian citizen if they so desire. For users of this kind of visa they shall be freed from the obligations to pay tax as much as USD 1,200.00 per year as tax incurred especially for Foreigners who posses KITAS card / 1 year staying visa with the objective to work and to earn incomes.

The Retirement Visa Indonesie is given by the government with the objective to provide easiness and conveniences for Foreigners who desire to live and enjoy their retirement years in Indonesia. This Retirement Visa is a kind of socio-cultural visa, which is only appropriated for those who no longer do any working activities or businesses in Indonesia, therefore the holders of this kind of visa is not allowed to do any business activities or working formally. the requirements to obtain retirement visa are as follows:

  1. They have reached the age of 55 years old and older.
  2. Their countries are included in the 55 countries with retirement visa facility.
  3. Copy of passport and it still valid for at least 18 months
  4. Blank pages in the passport are still available minimum 5 pages.
  5. Passport photo 2 cm x 3 cm = 8 photos, 3 cm x 4 cm = 8 photos and 4 cm x 6 cm = 8 photos with red color background.
  6. Residential address in Indonesia (if any).
  7. When you are about to apply for this kind of visa yet you are still the holder of Working visa / KITAS, then you must first apply for work termination from the company and return your KITAS card and blue book to the immigration office, and after  your passport obtain the Exit Permit Only (EPO) stamp from the immigration office, then we can begin to settle your retirement visa application.

As for the time necessary for the process in obtaining this visa is 7 working days.

As for the names of 52 countries with that visa facility as mentioned above are as follows:
Netherland, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom ,Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iran, Iceland, South Korea,  Kuwait, Liechtenstein,  Maldives,  Malta, Egypt, Monaco, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Surinam.

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